Displaced Homemaker Scholarships for Moms

Displaced homemaker scholarships for mothers
Displaced Homemaker Scholarships

While there are many grant opportunities for a displaced homemaker, there are very few scholarships for moms who have worked themselves out of a job – homemaking. The kids are grown, and mom is ready to finally see to her own needs, starting with her education. After the expense of raising kids, there isn’t much left to pay for that education, which is why you need scholarships for moms and grants for moms – especially those for displaced homemakers.

Aside from grant opportunities, the only real scholarship available for displaced homemakers is the one offered by the Association of American Indian Affairs, at http://www.indian-affairs.org/scholarships/displaced_homemakers.htm. This displaced homemaker scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1500, and is available to undergraduate students, and is paid twice a year, in $750 increments.

The mission of the AAIA is to call attention to the welfare of American Indians and Alaska Natives. They do this by supporting efforts of their cultures and languages, protect their sovereignty, constitutional, legal and human rights, and natural resources; and focusing on cultivating their health, education, and economic & community development. They are the oldest Indian organization in the US – 88 years. They have eight different scholarship programs at this time and amounts awarded vary from year to year based on the gifts of doners. Most of the AAIA scholarships require you to be from federally recognized tribes and who are at least 1/4 Indian blood unless otherwise indicated.

The fund available through this college scholarship for moms may be used towards tuition, transportation, child care, and living expenses. Each semester, you must submit your grades from the previous semester to receive the next disbursement, and you must maintain your grades. Additionally, you must reapply each year to continue to be eligible for the award.

While the award is usually given to women, who are the traditional homemaker’s in the family, it is also available for men who have put their educations on hold, in an effort to raise a family. Naturally, those who apply for and win this award will be adult students.

The displaced homemaker scholarships aren’t just available to those whose children have grown up. It is also available to those who have become displaced homemaker’s through other situations, such as a divorce or a death. When you apply, you must fill out the application, provide your monthly budget, and also write an essay concerning your family responsibilities.

To apply applicants must be Native American or Alaska Native from the continental US or Alaska.

For questions on the AAIA displaced homemaker scholarships contact Lisa Wyzlic at lw.aaia@verizon.net or 240-314-7155.

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  1. I want to apply for any available scholarships for moms, like myself who are trying to go back to school, and finally be able to continue in achieving my dream and work towards a goal of getting more training, so I can be able to find or locate life time job security with all the benefit packages that come with it.

  2. Marion,

    apply freely to any of the scholarships in our website by going directly to the scholarship sponsor’s website. We try to supply you with an up to date link but sometimes the sponsors change that much too frequently which I’m confused as to why they would do this. Also go to no cosigner student loans to look into other options too. They have an alternative student loans link which is very helpful.

  3. im in school at brown mackie salina and im tired of trying to apply for scholarships grants or any other kind of help because i ahve to get 10,000 calls from other schools im happy here. is there any other way to keep from having all those other schools buggin me?

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  5. I have searched for a grant or scholarship but I seem to be disqualified for most of them. I am 57 a mother of a 17 year old and I have been trying to get my degree since the end of 2010, I am technically a displaced homemaker. I am a widow since 2006 and we have been living on a social security benefit. I need grants to be able to finish and have money to live on. I had a year of illness and discovered I have PTSD, and ADHD, diabetes and neuropathy. I have 1 more year and i just started back this week. Do you know of any scholarships? I am also a veteran but do not have any college benefits from the service at the time I was in. I am so desparate. Thank you. I Do not have an income at this time.

  6. Dana,

    firstly, read more for disability scholarships (once there search for PTSD, ADHD, diabetes, and neuropathy scholarships.

    Also go to veterans & military scholarships too.

    You must apply directly to the sponsor of the scholarship of any award you are interested in. Links are sometimes included in the article.

    Have you filled out a FAFSA? You should qualify for the Pell Grant (up to $5500) because of low income.

    Also go to College Scholarships for Women Over 50.

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