Horizons Homeland Security Scholarship for Moms

Horizons Homeland Security Scholarships for Mom
Homeland Security Scholarship

Those women who want to enter the field of national security may want to consider the Homeland Security scholarship for moms known as the Horizons scholarship. This security scholarship is for all women not just moms and should be applied to if you’re a female who plans to enter the field of defense and it makes a great mom scholarship nevertheless. This Horizon scholarship is especially designed for females who plan careers in national security or in other defense related careers. One thing is certain about the outlook for the US security industry is that it will only grow and expand in the future becoming ever more important from each coming year. New branches are being set up every day all across the US & overseas to strengthen US security. Small US cities which have lost there industrial basis are being revitalized because of the national defense industry setting up branches there.

College students & those who will be entering college in the near future must take note of the fact that this is big business all across the US and the job outlook should be consistently strong with good salaries. This type of work is not for everyone but perfect for others. If this all sounds appealing as a career then go for it even if you are not awarded a Horizon Homeland security scholarship for mom. You schouldn’t be disappointed.

The Horizons scholarship fund was created in 1988, for the purpose of encouraging more women to enter into these types of careers in the United States. The Horizons scholarship program is funded by the Women In Defense (WID) a national security organization ‘women’s club’ and a non-profit entity. The WID mostly has members whose
careers revolve around the national security defense of the US. WID membership is all about the promotion & acknowledgment of women in all aspects of national security.

This Department Homeland Security scholarship is also available for women who are already in defense careers, and who plan to further their education in this field. It is important that this is not the same as pursuing a degree or career in law enforcement or in criminal justice. Instead, an example of a defense career would be going to work for Homeland Security.

The amount of the awards offered through the Horizons program varies each year. The selection committee for the awards focuses a great deal on those applicants who plan to study things such as education, math, science, and technology, in regards to how they relate and can be used for national defense.

In order to be eligible for this Homeland Security college scholarships for moms and single parents – and women in general – you must already be enrolled in college, and you can be either a full time student or a part time student. You can be either a graduate student or an undergraduate student, but you must have at least reached junior status – or have at least 60 college credits already completed. You absolutely must show that you plan a career in defense or national security, and you must show that you have a financial need for the award.

Furthermore, you must have a GPA of at least 3.25 and be a citizen of the United States in order to be eligible. July 1st of every year is the deadline to apply by having all required documents turned in. This is a one time award, but if you’ve already won the award, you can apply again. For more information and to apply go to the Horizon
Homeland Security Scholarship for moms.

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