Jeanette Rankin Scholarships for Mothers

If you are over the age of 35 and you are a woman with a low income, you may be eligible for the Jeanette Rankin JRF scholarship. These make great scholarships for mothers because of the eligibility requirements. Moms can use the JRF scholarship to help pay for their college education, enabling them to enter into the workforce, in a great paying job, in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Jeannette Pickering Rankin was born in 1880 and died in 1973. She was an exordinary women of her time in that she was the first woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives and the first women member of the Congress. She was referred to as the Lady of the House which is where that name originated from as today the US president’s wife is commonly referred. A lifelong pacifist, she voted against entering of the US into both World War I and World War II. She was the only member of Congress to vote against entering into World War II. To this date she is the only woman to be elected to Congress from Montana.

The JRF scholarship Fund was set up with the money from Jeanette Rankin’s property upon her death which she wanted used to help unemployed mature women workers who needed help in bettering themselves.

In order to win these potential mothers scholarships by JRF, you must be able to express how a higher education will benefit you, your family, and your community. While the mom scholarship opportunity here is good, it is important to note that not many JRF scholarships are awarded each year, as there have only been just a little over 600 scholarships awarded since 1978 and a total of 1.3 million awarded since its conception. November 1st is when they open applications to be accepted. The deadline is March 1st of each year for submitting your applications.

As stated, you must be aged 35 or older and a woman with a low income. You must additionally be a United States citizen, and be enrolled in college, or at the very least accepted to a college. You cannot already have a college degree, and the school that you are attending must be for the purpose of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or a technical/vocational degree.

The JRF has specific guidelines as to what constitutes low income, and you must be within their low-income range to be eligible for the scholarships that are offered. The income levels are adjusted by the number of people within your household, and start at $13,578 for one person, and go up to $52,034 for a household of six.

Winners of the JRF scholarship for moms are selected based on their goals, their plan for reaching those goals, past challenges and obstacles, and of course the family’s income. You can get more information about these scholarships for mothers or apply for the JRF scholarship.


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