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Raise the Nation Scholarships for Single Moms

Raise the Nation Scholarships for Single Mothers

Raise the Nation Scholarships

Raise the Nation has college scholarships for single moms available because they are an organization that works towards the overall improvement of the United States. Because of their mission, as a whole, they do have scholarships for single mothers which are worth looking at if this is you. The organization also has grants for single moms that you should take advantage of if you are eligible for them.

This is one of the few organizations that offer true financial relief to single women who are parents, in terms of education, by offering scholarships and grants, and additionally by helping single parents to repay student loans. The organization believes that the best way to raise children today, in an effort to ensure that they are well educated and fully capable of improving and running our nation, is through the education of their parents.

While it is true that an educated woman will provide better financially for her children, the organization also realizes that women who have more education are more aware of other factors in our world, such as social problems, political issues, global situations, and more. This is why Raise the Nation provides these mother scholarships.

The funds awarded through the Raise the Nation college scholarships for single moms are provided by various organizations and foundations, as well as corporations and individual donors. This is one of the few programs that do not select winners based on GPA, or Grade Point Average. In fact, they do not even request your GPA when you apply. They focus more on your accomplishments, your personal development, your community work, and your leadership abilities.

Of course, there are other requirements. Should you receive a grant that repays your student loans, you will be expected to volunteer eight hours of your time per month. The length of time that you are expected to do this depends on the amount of the student loan that was repaid. This is essentially allowing you to ‘work off’ your student loan like a federal work study program does. In todays hard to find job market this is a very welcomed program.

Aside from these programs, the Raise the Nation organization also helps children of single parents to attend school, with the Child of a Single Parent Woman Scholarship. Under this program if you are the child of a single parent woman and are entering or are currently enrolled in a post secondary course of study you could qualify for this mother scholarship and you also must be claimed as a dependent by your mother to qualify. You can get more information about all of the scholarship and grant opportunities offered by going to Raise the Nation scholarships for single moms.

 *Note from writers of this website – Raise the Nation appears that it no longer sponsors a scholarship program at this time (10/17/2013).

*Large List of Scholarships

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21 Responses

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  1. Janice Bushee says

    Hi I am interested in this scholarship and wanted to know more about it thanks Jan

  2. admin says


    I checked with their website – -and apparently it is under construction right now or they are having some type of difficulty in their organization. They may switching to a new website platform. Keep checking back periodically to see if and when it’s complete.

  3. Carla says

    Hello, I am interested in the Raise the Nation scholarship for single moms. Could you please contact me with information on how to apply. Thank-you, Carla

  4. admin says


    the raise the nation website appears to be under construction so try again later. The correct URL is:

  5. Gabriela Lara says

    Are the scholarships able for technician carries such as Cosmetology? I wold love to become one, and this carries is as important and EXPENCIVE as any other university carrier, I am a single mother and Hispanic as well.
    Thank you… Gabriela

  6. admin says


    go to Cosmetology scholarships to read more.

  7. Julie says

    Does anyone know how long the website is going to be under construction? im a single mother and i really need to get my life on track and i really want to go back to school but im having a hard time finding scholarships for single moms….HELP!!!

  8. admin says


    we are still waiting too. I would look elsewhere until they complete whatever they are working on.

  9. Toby says

    Am a nigerian. Am i eligible 2 apply for the ‘raise the nation’ scholarship. If not, wat other scholarships are available for children of a single/deceased parent dat i am eligible to apply 4?

  10. Rosenda Avendano says

    Hola, podrian mandarme informacion en español de como obtener una beca para poder estudiar soy madre soltera de una niña . Actualmente soy de bajos recursos y me encantaria poder seguir estudiando. Pero en estos momestos no tengo esa posibilidad.
    Se los agradeceria mucho.


  11. admin says


    read up on the The Davis Scholarship which may work for you. Also look into government bursaries too.

  12. admin says


    please ask the question in English.


  13. admin says


    go to cosmetology scholarships and beauty school scholarships. Also read about some really creative ways to secure scholarships by finding those unknown scholarships.

  14. ranene says

    I a single mom and I was in an auto accident recently. I am now unable to work due to my injuries. I need help with a grant to help me pay for living expenses, utilities, and transportation
    .can you tell me where I can find help.

  15. admin says


    we can only advise you on scholarships for college. You may want to AND to help you.

  16. Erin says

    Hello, when i try the raise the nation website it takes me to Is there something I’m missing? Please help. :)

  17. admin says


    I’m not sure. The last I heard about them they were supposed to be upgrading their website. Programs come and go year to year with some sponsors depending on if they get donations or not to support a scholarship program.

  18. Jessica says

    How do I apply for this scholarship?

  19. admin says


    it appears that Raise the Nation no longer sponsors a scholarship program. In fact we can’t find any records that they are still operating. This happens and we would not be surprised if they reappear once the economy improves.

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