EWI Scholarships for Women

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EWI Scholarships for Women

EWI Scholarships for women are offered by Executive Women International in an effort to engage and empower women for a positive change. EWI, a non-profit international organization, has been involved in community advancement and education since 1938. Since that time, EWI has grown to consist of more than 2,500 member firms located throughout the United States and Canada. Today EWI focuses on Connections, Careers and Community.

The organization’s goal is to bring together key individuals from a diverse range of businesses for the goal of promoting member firms and enhancing professional and personal development, while also encouraging community involvement. The overall vision of this organization is to become a leading connection for business professionals. Outreach efforts of EWI include promoting literacy and philanthropy within local communities, along with women scholarships.

The organization offers three different scholarship programs in an effort to meet those goals within their local communities. These women scholarships are ASSIST, EWISP and the Fellows program. Interested applicants should note that candidates must apply through their local EWI chapter in order to be considered for awards.


ASSIST, or the Adult Students in Scholastic Transition, award is available to adults who may be facing physical, social or economic challenges and who may also be interested in improving their current situation through educational opportunities. More than half a million dollars was awarded through local chapters and ASSIST scholarships. ASSIST scholarships are coordinated by each local EWI chapter. Consequently, each chapter may have its own deadline dates for submission of applications and interested applicants should verify these dates with their local chapters. Applicants will first qualify and compete at the local chapter level for awards. Winners at the local chapter level will then be submitted to the Corporate level in order to compete for awards that range between $2,000 and $10,000 each.

There are 12 total Corporate EWI scholarships available. Students who receive the ASSIST award may face challenges in work and life due to a variety of reasons, such as being displaced workers, just entering the workforce or being single parents. Local EWI chapters work with social service agencies and educational providers in order to assist prospective candidates for ASSIST awards. ASSIST acts as a flexible female scholarship program that works to address the needs of adult students who are working toward improving their life and situation by advancing their education.

EWI EWISP awards

EWI Scholarships also include the EWISP scholarships, or the Executive Women International Scholarship Program awards. These awards are offered annually and are competition-based. More than $200,000 is awarded annually to high school juniors through this scholarship program. Students must be nominated by their schools in order to compete for these women scholarships. Candidates will first apply at the local EWISP chapter level. Award amounts at the local chapter level will vary based on local availability and funding.

Recipients of chapter level awards will then advance to the Corporate level for the opportunity to compete for one of several women scholarships that range between $1,000 and $5,000 in value. Deadlines for applying for EWISP scholarships for women at the local level may vary. Interested candidates should contact their local EWISP chapters. EWISP awards have been recognized by Money Magazine as one of the top twelve scholarships awarded in the United States. Winning students are based on a variety of criteria, including leadership qualities, scholastic achievement, extra-curricular activities and good citizenship. More than $400,000 has been awarded to date to high school juniors from across the country as well as Canada.

EWI Fellows scholarship for woman

The EWI Fellows Scholarship is only available to EWI Member Representatives and is meant to assist members who have a desire to complete their education, but who may require financial assistance to do so. The total amount awarded through this EWI Scholarship program may consist of up to $15,000 and will vary based upon the total amount requested and the number of applicants.

Emerge Scholarships for Moms

scholarships for moms
Emerge Scholarships for Moms

The goal of Emerge Scholarships for moms is to assist women who may have had their education interrupted and who must overcome significant barriers in order to complete their education in order to gain meaningful secure employment and give back to their communities. Approximately ten scholarships worth $5,000 each are awarded annually through this scholarship program.

Scholars chosen to receive Emerge scholarships for mothers are typically non-traditional students who have had their education interrupted or delayed. These women often have a vision of succeeding; however, may face obstacles and challenges. Special preference is typically given to applicants who have a history of giving back to their communities. Preference is also given to applicants who have focused their educational endeavors in the state of Georgia.

Unlike many typical scholarship programs, Emerge scholarships for women are not designed for recent high school graduates. These no traditional scholarships are also not intended for students who may have already received a large amount of financial assistance for completing their education. Applicants for this scholarship program may include women who are changing careers, women who are returning to school after a leave or hiatus, women who seek to advance their career and women who have been stay at home mothers and who are now entering or re-entering the workplace and require additional training and/or assistance.

The financial assistance provided by Emerge Scholarships may only be used for paying tuition and related fees at an educational institution. Funds are paid directly to the school. The precise amount of scholarship awards may vary based on the total number of scholarships to be awarded. Although ten scholarships were awarded in 2011, the number of women scholarships that will be awarded can vary from one year to another. Scholarship amounts may vary from $2,000 to $5,000 each. Scholarships are awarded for one year only and are not renewable.

Emerge scholarships for moms also offers international scholarship awards for students who may not actually reside in the United States. Such scholarships are only awarded to students who will be studying at colleges and universities in the United States. Applications are not accepted from international students who wish to apply for Emerge scholarships, but will be accepted from referring educational institutions.

Emerge is a non-profit organization that works to empower women to advance within their professional lives, while also allowing them to become economically self-sufficient, in order to benefit their families and communities. Since the inception of Emerge, more than 50 women have been supported through the provision of $200,000 in academic women scholarships.

To be eligible for an Emerge scholarship, applicants must be at least 25 years of age. Primary selection criteria will be based on the applicant’s financial need, personal vision, service to community and future plans. Financial need will be based upon the student’s employment, other scholarship funding, family contributions and other income. The selection committee will also evaluate the applicant’s personal vision in terms of the alignment of their career goals with their life journey.

Overall, Emerge is seeking prospective scholarship recipients who will take advantage of this opportunity and their education to improve themselves and the people around them. All majors are accepted.

Applicants for domestic Emerge scholarships must be a current United States resident or U.S. citizen who is living abroad and who is applying to study at a college or university in the U.S. Foreign nationals who live in the U.S. and who possess a green card and who have plans to study in the U.S. may also apply. Scholarships are not awarded by Emerge for study outside of the United States.

Along with the scholarship funds, award recipients will also be presented at an awards luncheon in the metro Atlanta area. All womens scholarship recipients must attend the awards luncheon to qualify for the scholarship. Travel arrangements are made and paid for by Emerge. The deadline to apply for Emerge scholarships for moms is January 6th of each year.

University Womens Club Scholarships for Moms

Nontraditional student scholarship for moms
University Womens Club Scholarships

If you will be attending Toledo University for example, or any other university that has a University Womens Club, and you are a mom, you may be interested in the University Women’s Club Nontraditional Student Scholarship. While this scholarship is available for all female non-traditional students, as a mom, you can apply to this mom scholarship and grant opportunity if you fit the criteria. Although moms are normally older students they are considered to be non-traditional students. If this is describing you then you should be seeking not only scholarships for moms and scholarships for single moms, but also scholarships for non-traditional students from the UWC at any college you are considering attending.

The purpose of a University Womens Club is to bring forward friendships between its’ members so as to strengthen their association of common interest thus to supply service to the University in yeary funding scholarships, and to champion service to the community through the UWC service projects. Some of the many benefits of belonging to a UWC would include – participating in interest groups, programs and events held throughout the college year – chances for advocacy, community service, friendship, and personalized development through UWC activities – improving ones probability for students in learning, leading and living by providing college scholarships.

In order to be eligible for the University Womens Club Nontraditional Student Scholarship, you must be a woman, and a nontraditional student. You must also show that there is a financial need. Those who win the award are selected based on their academic achievement, and must have a GPA of at least 3.5.

The average amount awarded for this potential mom scholarship is worth about $1200, but this varies from one chapter to the next. The number of awards available will also vary, and there usually are a University Women’s Club at most major Universities.

Each chapter of the UWC will have their own eligibility requirements, in terms of age, your academic progress, and more, however typically, in order to be eligible for the award, you must be a resident in the state where the chapter of the UWC is located. For example, if you are applying for the UWC Scholarship through the University of Alabama, you must be a resident of Alabama in order to be eligible.

If you are a woman – and particularly a mom – make sure that you check with the college that you will be attending to see if there is in fact a University Womens Club, and then check either with your financial aid office, or the club chapter directly to see if UWC scholarships are available, what the eligibility requirements are, what the application requirements are, and what the deadline for applying is. Even if only one award is made annually, go ahead and apply remembering that somebody is going to win it – and that somebody could be you.

Use the Newcombe Foundation for Scholarships for Moms

Newcombe Foundation for scholarships for mothers
Newcombe Foundation

Finding scholarships for moms and scholarships for single moms isn’t always easy; there are scholarships specifically for women in abundance. For example, while the Newcombe Foundation Scholarships are not specifically reserved for moms, they are reserved for women, which definitely makes moms eligible.

The Charlotte W Newcombe Foundation began in 1979 upon the death of a Philadelphia philanthropist Charlotte W Newcombe who left half her estate to the creation of the Newcombe Foundation. Mrs was a devoted Presbyterian who believed in helping people towards a higher education. In fact, she left the other half of her estate to the Princeton Theological Seminary even more establishing her strong convictions about her educational beliefs.

Applying for a Newcombe Foundation Scholarship isn’t like applying for other scholarships, however. You see, these women scholarships or funds are awarded directly to colleges, but they are intended for mature women who will be attending those schools. You must be over the age of 25 in order to be eligible. You must also have junior status, or 60 credit hours, and continuing to study towards receiving your bachelor’s degree.

The foundation does not select who will win these awards. The schools that receive the funds will make that selection, and the number of winners, and the amount of the awards will be dependent on the funds that the school received. The latest donations made to selected schools totaled over $677,000. The average winner of these awards is about 36 years old, and has a GPA of about 3.5. These scholarships for women range in award amounts from a very small $125 to a whopping $10,250 per semester. The average award, however, is about $2000. Again, this depends on the funds that are available at each school, and the number of applicants who are deserving of the awards.

Check with the financial aid officer at your school to see if they have received funds from the Newcombe Foundation. If they have not, they can apply for these funds at http://www.newcombefoundation.org/scholarship_mws.html. From there, you will make your application directly to the school that you are attending.

Again, there are not a large number of scholarships for moms or single moms, and while there may be an abundance of scholarships for women in general, you can use all of the help you can get. Make sure that your school is receiving these funds, and that you apply for this women scholarship.

Displaced Homemaker Scholarships for Moms (momscholarships.us)

State Scholarships for Single Moms (momscholarships.us)

State Scholarships for Single Moms

State scholarships for single moms
State Mom Scholarships

Depending on what state you live in, you may find that there are state funded scholarships for single moms. If this is the case in your state, these are funds that you need to take advantage of. It is expected that at some point in the future, all states will have these college scholarship opportunities, in an effort to further educate all citizens of the state, and to improve the economical outlook and conditions of those states.

For example, the state of Arkansas has the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. This fund makes many scholarships available, which pay the entire tuition cost for four years of education, for as long as you remain eligible. The single parent scholarships also cover the cost of books, and funds can additionally be used for other expenses associated with your education, such as transportation and child care. In order to be eligible, you must be a single parent, and you must reside in the state of Arkansas. You can get more information about this program at http://www.aspsf.org.

The state of Florida has a similar state funded scholarship program for single moms and dads. However, those individuals who qualify must reside in certain counties, such as Palm Beach County or North Broward County. This great scholarship is the George Snow Scholarship Fund, and you can get more information at http://www.scholarship.org/.

The College of DuPage Foundation Single Parent Scholarship is offered in the state of Illinois, for single parent residents of the state. You must be a part time student, at the very least, and maintain a GPA of 2.0 in order to be eligible. You must also reside in District 502, and demonstrate financial need for the award. You can learn more about this scholarship for single moms and dads by going to  http://www.cod.edu/dept/fin_aid/scholarships/cod_singleparen.htm.

In the state of Kansas, you can apply for the Single Parents with Children Scholarship if you will be attending Emporia State University full time, and if you have a financial need. Additionally, state scholarships for single moms and dads are available in Iowa, Minnesota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Washington.

In your state, you should check with the financial aid office at the school that you will be attending to find out about available scholarships for moms that are state specific. You can also check with the Board of Education or Department of Education in your state to find out what state sponsored scholarships for single mothers are available as well.

Displaced Homemaker Scholarships for Moms

Displaced homemaker scholarships for mothers
Displaced Homemaker Scholarships

While there are many grant opportunities for a displaced homemaker, there are very few scholarships for moms who have worked themselves out of a job – homemaking. The kids are grown, and mom is ready to finally see to her own needs, starting with her education. After the expense of raising kids, there isn’t much left to pay for that education, which is why you need scholarships for moms and grants for moms – especially those for displaced homemakers.

Aside from grant opportunities, the only real scholarship available for displaced homemakers is the one offered by the Association of American Indian Affairs, at http://www.indian-affairs.org/scholarships/displaced_homemakers.htm. This displaced homemaker scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1500, and is available to undergraduate students, and is paid twice a year, in $750 increments.

The mission of the AAIA is to call attention to the welfare of American Indians and Alaska Natives. They do this by supporting efforts of their cultures and languages, protect their sovereignty, constitutional, legal and human rights, and natural resources; and focusing on cultivating their health, education, and economic & community development. They are the oldest Indian organization in the US – 88 years. They have eight different scholarship programs at this time and amounts awarded vary from year to year based on the gifts of doners. Most of the AAIA scholarships require you to be from federally recognized tribes and who are at least 1/4 Indian blood unless otherwise indicated.

The fund available through this college scholarship for moms may be used towards tuition, transportation, child care, and living expenses. Each semester, you must submit your grades from the previous semester to receive the next disbursement, and you must maintain your grades. Additionally, you must reapply each year to continue to be eligible for the award.

While the award is usually given to women, who are the traditional homemaker’s in the family, it is also available for men who have put their educations on hold, in an effort to raise a family. Naturally, those who apply for and win this award will be adult students.

The displaced homemaker scholarships aren’t just available to those whose children have grown up. It is also available to those who have become displaced homemaker’s through other situations, such as a divorce or a death. When you apply, you must fill out the application, provide your monthly budget, and also write an essay concerning your family responsibilities.

To apply applicants must be Native American or Alaska Native from the continental US or Alaska.

For questions on the AAIA displaced homemaker scholarships contact Lisa Wyzlic at lw.aaia@verizon.net or 240-314-7155.

Non Traditional Student Scholarships for Moms

Non-Traditional Student Scholarships for Mothers
ANTSHE Scholarships

Since moms are generally older students, they are considered to be non-traditional students, and if this describes you, you should be seeking not only scholarships for moms and scholarships for single moms, but also scholarships for non-traditional students. You can start applying for non-traditional student scholarships at the Association for Non Traditional Students in Higher Education, or the ANTSHE.

The ANTSHE offers two separate scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are the Marius Gabe DeGabriele Scholarship and the Kazimour Scholarship. The first scholarship is for graduate students, and the second is for undergraduate students. Either way, the students who apply for these scholarships must be considered non-traditional students. Both scholarships can be applied for using just one form, and this can be accomplished online.

Although the applications can be done online, you must also submit two recommendation letters, which will have to be mailed in, in sealed envelopes. The person who writes the letter must sign their name across the seal. The application and the personal statement can be submitted online, but you must also mail in your transcripts. Applications can also be mailed in, but the information must be typed, or done with a word processor – handwritten applications are not considered.

Additionally, to be considered for either of these mother scholarships, you must be a member of the ANTSHE. If you are applying for the scholarship for moms for graduate students, you should have a GPA of 3.5, and be accepted to a graduate program as a full time or part time student. If you are applying the undergraduate scholarship, you must be enrolled in either a degree program or certificates program as either a half time or full time student, and have already completed at least 30 credit hours of study. You must additionally have maintained at least a 3.25 GPA. If you are in a two year program, you need to have completed at least 15 credit hours of study. To apply go to ANTSHE scholarships for non traditional students. May 1st is the application deadline and for further questions you can email at scholarshipofficer@antshe.org.

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