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IWFA Fishing Scholarships for Moms

IWFA Fishing Scholarships for Mothers
IWFA Scholarships

You don’t have to be into fishing – or even fish at all – to be eligible for fishing scholarships for moms. You do, however, have to be interested in marine sciences, and you do have to be a graduate student. This particular fishing scholarship is funded, managed, and awarded by the IWFA – International Women’s Fishing Association.

1955 the IWFA was founded with the intent to advance women in fishing which has long been perceived as primarily a mans sport. Ironically the IWFA all started by the wife’s of the men who would attend and participate in these fishing tournaments. The IWFA is looked at as one of the most celebrated fishing clubs for women which regularly sponsors tournaments throughout the world. Becoming a member allows you to participate in these events and other benefits as well such as their monthly electronic newsletters keeping you informed of all upcoming activities and other events and advice from their member website. The IWFA fishing scholarship program is intended to further strengthen conservation in the world – particularly anything related to marine science. Needless to say the IWFA has become wildly popular among fishing women anglers.

In order to be eligible for this mom scholarship, you must be accepted by a graduate program of study in marine sciences. The award amount is $2000, and you must be considered a ‘proper recipient’ for this award. This means that your school must decide that you eligible for the award.

Awards are made based on your personal qualifications that include your aptitude and ability in the study of marine sciences. Your character will also be considered, as well as your academic record. You must also demonstrate financial need in order to be considered for this award. March 1st is the cut off date when all applications must be in.

It is important to note that while this fishing scholarship is awarded by a women’s organization, it is available for men and for women who are pursuing a graduate degree in marine sciences. It is not a scholarship for moms specifically either, but the number of awards that are made each year is not reported, and if you are studying toward marine sciences, this is definitely a mom scholarship that you need to apply for because the competition for the award will be minimal.

You can get more information by going to International Women’s Fishing Association fishing scholarships program. Even if you are not pursuing a graduate degree, or even a degree in marine sciences, you should look for specific organizations that relate to the program of study that you will be pursuing in order to find the moms scholarships that you need – especially scholarships for moms, or scholarships for single moms from those specific associations or organizations.

Horizons Homeland Security Scholarship for Moms

Horizons Homeland Security Scholarships for Mom
Homeland Security Scholarship

Those women who want to enter the field of national security may want to consider the Homeland Security scholarship for moms known as the Horizons scholarship. This security scholarship is for all women not just moms and should be applied to if you’re a female who plans to enter the field of defense and it makes a great mom scholarship nevertheless. This Horizon scholarship is especially designed for females who plan careers in national security or in other defense related careers. One thing is certain about the outlook for the US security industry is that it will only grow and expand in the future becoming ever more important from each coming year. New branches are being set up every day all across the US & overseas to strengthen US security. Small US cities which have lost there industrial basis are being revitalized because of the national defense industry setting up branches there.

College students & those who will be entering college in the near future must take note of the fact that this is big business all across the US and the job outlook should be consistently strong with good salaries. This type of work is not for everyone but perfect for others. If this all sounds appealing as a career then go for it even if you are not awarded a Horizon Homeland security scholarship for mom. You schouldn’t be disappointed.

The Horizons scholarship fund was created in 1988, for the purpose of encouraging more women to enter into these types of careers in the United States. The Horizons scholarship program is funded by the Women In Defense (WID) a national security organization ‘women’s club’ and a non-profit entity. The WID mostly has members whose
careers revolve around the national security defense of the US. WID membership is all about the promotion & acknowledgment of women in all aspects of national security.

This Department Homeland Security scholarship is also available for women who are already in defense careers, and who plan to further their education in this field. It is important that this is not the same as pursuing a degree or career in law enforcement or in criminal justice. Instead, an example of a defense career would be going to work for Homeland Security.

The amount of the awards offered through the Horizons program varies each year. The selection committee for the awards focuses a great deal on those applicants who plan to study things such as education, math, science, and technology, in regards to how they relate and can be used for national defense.

In order to be eligible for this Homeland Security college scholarships for moms and single parents – and women in general – you must already be enrolled in college, and you can be either a full time student or a part time student. You can be either a graduate student or an undergraduate student, but you must have at least reached junior status – or have at least 60 college credits already completed. You absolutely must show that you plan a career in defense or national security, and you must show that you have a financial need for the award.

Furthermore, you must have a GPA of at least 3.25 and be a citizen of the United States in order to be eligible. July 1st of every year is the deadline to apply by having all required documents turned in. This is a one time award, but if you’ve already won the award, you can apply again. For more information and to apply go to the Horizon
Homeland Security Scholarship for moms.

Unmatched PEO Scholarship for Mothers

PEO Scholarship for Moms
PEO Scholarships

If you’re a mom looking for financial aid to help pay the high cost of college tuition then you really want to look into the PEO scholarship for mothers. The Philanthropic Educational Organization, or PEO, has many different mother scholarships, including a student loan program which is second to none. If you are mom, planning to go back to school, or starting college for the first time, you definitely need to check out what the PEO has to offer because they are willing to help pay for your education.

The PEO is all about helping women to educationally advance as far as their dreams take them. The PEO is a powerful sisterhood which sponsors no less than six international programs all designed in assisting female educational ambitions and this is impacting women all over the world. They also are closely aligned with Cottey College located in Nevada, Missouri. Cottey is an all female college and which applies the PEO principals of education for all women who attend.

Founded in 1907, the PEO established the ELF, or Educational Loan Fund. These loans are only available to women who show financial need, and who are seeking a higher education. In order to be eligible for such a loan, you must be nominated by a local chapter of the PEO Sisterhood. You also must already be working towards a college degree, with at least two years completed. These loans are awarded in the amount from $5,000 to $10,000, and are repaid at 4% interest, starting six years after the award is made. This is not so much a direct mother scholarship as it is a great financial student oportunity when you don’t recieve enough to cover college tuition.

The PEO International Peace Scholarship (IPS) was established in 1949 and was designed to fund international graduate women students an education award of $500 in the US or Canada. Local chapters of the IPS nominate applicants for this PEO international scholarship for mothers.

The PEO also has a grant program called the PEO Program for Continuing Education (PCE) which was started in 1973. This PEO grant is awarded to women who have put their education on hold, and are returning to school. Eligible applicants must be citizens of the United States or Canada, and your purpose for returning to school should be to support your family or yourself. As is the case with all grants the PEO grant applicants are awarded based on need. The maximum award amount is $3,000 and one time only. This makes a perfect mother grant.

The PEO Scholar Awards started in 1991 and are merit based, and designed for women who are trying to earn a degree on the doctorate level. Again, these women must be citizens of the United States or Canada, and must be post-graduate students. You can start applying to this PEO scholarship September 1st of each year and May winning PEO scholarship applicants are officially announced. Award amounts vary from year to year.

The PEO Star Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $2500 to high school females who will be attending college. This is a one time PEO scholarship award and cannot be applied to more then once.

While these PEO scholarships are not specifically scholarships for mothers, they are scholarships for women, and as such, you should apply for the programs that are offered through the PEO that apply to your specific situation. They are wonderful scholarship for mother opportunities that can really help fund part of your continuing education. The ELF is a unique student loan program at below market rates with flexible repayment options and is welcomed when the PEO scholarship awards are not sufficient to cover your full college bill.

The PEO may be one of the best sisterhood programs that you ever become associated with as far as fathering your educational aspirations because of their strong support in these areas. The guidelines for qualifying are very fair for women returning to school for all the PEO scholarships so make this program one of the first you apply to when looking into mothers scholarships.

MyUSearch Mom Scholarship

MyUSearch mother scholarship
MyUSearch Mom Scholarship

When President Obama said that he wanted more mothers to go back to school to advance or complete their educations, MyUSearch.com took him seriously. They now offer scholarships for moms in the amount of $1000. The name of their mom scholarship is ‘Mommy Goes to College’.

MyUsearch is an online resource dedicated to matching students with colleges and providing fair and accurate college enrollment information. They take pride in the fact that they display no college ads on their site so they don’t wrongly influence any student and that their college matching skills can be done as objectively as possible. With their ‘Smart Questionnaire’ they will match a student with the right college. This eliminates time, money and frustration for students compared to doing it themselves. Their process is based on honesty on the entire college enrollment procedure.

Unfortunately, only one mom scholarship is awarded each year and another USearch scholarship – a scholarship for left handed people is also handed out and you should als apply for it if your left handed. Even though there is only one awarded yealy apply for it because many won’t which increases your chances of winning. The winner is selected based on their essay or essay video. The essay can be no longer than 750 words, or the video can be no longer than five minutes in length. In either format, you must answer the question “What is your biggest challenge as a mother trying to get a degree?” You must also explain how college can help you to overcome this challenge, and how mothers can be helped in the future as far as getting a college degree goes.

Because this mother scholarship award is not renewable, and is considered a ‘low amount,’ many people will not bother to apply for it, which increases your chances of winning. Although it is a small amount, and it isn’t renewable, all of those small amounts can really add up when it comes to financing your college education. This is a little scholarship secret in that you should apply to as many low paying and easy scholarships as possible because they are easier to win.

The requirements for this mom scholarship are that you must be a mother, and your household income cannot be greater than $100,000. You must be planning to get an undergraduate degree, and planning to attend an accredited college or university in the United States. Graduate students may not apply. Additionally, you cannot already be enrolled in college. You also cannot have attended the school that you choose in the past. The deadline for applying is December 31st each year.

Applying for the mother scholarship, however, is fairly simple – aside from the essay or video that must be created and submitted; you simply need to register at MyUSearch, do the college match quiz (which determines your perfect match), and then follow the additional instructions for applying specifically for this scholarship. Even though the $1,000 USearch awards don’t seem like much, their process may be beneficial in helping you move closer to the right college decision. To learn more information and to apply go to mom scholarship by USearch.

Unknown Ford Scholarships for Moms

Ford Scholarships for Mothers
Ford Scholarships for Moms

The TFFF has scholarships for moms but this is unknown to most everyone unless you work for TFFF. You’ve probably heard of the Ford Motor Company and the Ann Ford scholarship, but you may not have heard of the Ford Family Foundation. TFFF, the Family Ford Foundation, is not a part of the Ford Motor Company. Regardless of this, they do have scholarships for mom’s available.

In 1936, Kenneth Ford started a small single sawmill in the southern Oregon community of Roseburg. With much hard work the company grew and was called the Roseburg Forest Products Co., one of the largest private family-owned wood products manufacturers in the whole nation. Because Mr. Ford was a man who cared deeply about family and community he established The TFFF along with Hallie Ford. Their vision statement is ‘ by 2020 we will see across our region adaptive, self-reliant individuals and rural communities working together for positive change’.

The Ford Family Foundation has a strong belief in higher education, and has many scholarship programs available. If you are a mom, and you intend to return to school, there are actually two Ford Family Foundation Scholarships for mothers that you should apply for. These are the Ford Opportunity Program and the Ford Restart Program.

The Ford Opportunity Program is for single parents. You must be the head of your household, and you must be trying to obtain your bachelor’s degree. You must also reside in either Oregon County, California or Siskiyou County, California.

The Ford Restart Program is for non-traditional students, otherwise known as adult students. You cannot already be enrolled as a full-time student, but you must be planning to attend a post-secondary school, in an attempt to get your degree. This program is available for the same two counties that the Ford Opportunity Program is offered for. You do not, however, have to be a parent to be eligible for this scholarship.

You can apply for either mom scholarship at the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. If you are a resident of Siskiyou County, you should use the Ford online application. All applications and required materials must be submitted by March first each year. You must also be planning to enroll as a full time student, and there will be an interview process if your application is selected for that phase of the selection process.

Additionally, you must first fill out your FAFSA form and submit it before you can apply for either of the Ford Family Foundation Scholarships for moms, as the amount of that financial aid you receive will affect the amount that you receive from the TFFF. You can get more information on these unknown scholarships for moms by going to TFFF scholarships.

Other Ford Scholarships

Ford Motor Scholarships

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