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University Womens Club Scholarships for Moms

Nontraditional student scholarship for moms
University Womens Club Scholarships

If you will be attending Toledo University for example, or any other university that has a University Womens Club, and you are a mom, you may be interested in the University Women’s Club Nontraditional Student Scholarship. While this scholarship is available for all female non-traditional students, as a mom, you can apply to this mom scholarship and grant opportunity if you fit the criteria. Although moms are normally older students they are considered to be non-traditional students. If this is describing you then you should be seeking not only scholarships for moms and scholarships for single moms, but also scholarships for non-traditional students from the UWC at any college you are considering attending.

The purpose of a University Womens Club is to bring forward friendships between its’ members so as to strengthen their association of common interest thus to supply service to the University in yeary funding scholarships, and to champion service to the community through the UWC service projects. Some of the many benefits of belonging to a UWC would include – participating in interest groups, programs and events held throughout the college year – chances for advocacy, community service, friendship, and personalized development through UWC activities – improving ones probability for students in learning, leading and living by providing college scholarships.

In order to be eligible for the University Womens Club Nontraditional Student Scholarship, you must be a woman, and a nontraditional student. You must also show that there is a financial need. Those who win the award are selected based on their academic achievement, and must have a GPA of at least 3.5.

The average amount awarded for this potential mom scholarship is worth about $1200, but this varies from one chapter to the next. The number of awards available will also vary, and there usually are a University Women’s Club at most major Universities.

Each chapter of the UWC will have their own eligibility requirements, in terms of age, your academic progress, and more, however typically, in order to be eligible for the award, you must be a resident in the state where the chapter of the UWC is located. For example, if you are applying for the UWC Scholarship through the University of Alabama, you must be a resident of Alabama in order to be eligible.

If you are a woman – and particularly a mom – make sure that you check with the college that you will be attending to see if there is in fact a University Womens Club, and then check either with your financial aid office, or the club chapter directly to see if UWC scholarships are available, what the eligibility requirements are, what the application requirements are, and what the deadline for applying is. Even if only one award is made annually, go ahead and apply remembering that somebody is going to win it – and that somebody could be you.

State Scholarships for Single Moms

State scholarships for single moms
State Mom Scholarships

Depending on what state you live in, you may find that there are state funded scholarships for single moms. If this is the case in your state, these are funds that you need to take advantage of. It is expected that at some point in the future, all states will have these college scholarship opportunities, in an effort to further educate all citizens of the state, and to improve the economical outlook and conditions of those states.

For example, the state of Arkansas has the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. This fund makes many scholarships available, which pay the entire tuition cost for four years of education, for as long as you remain eligible. The single parent scholarships also cover the cost of books, and funds can additionally be used for other expenses associated with your education, such as transportation and child care. In order to be eligible, you must be a single parent, and you must reside in the state of Arkansas. You can get more information about this program at http://www.aspsf.org.

The state of Florida has a similar state funded scholarship program for single moms and dads. However, those individuals who qualify must reside in certain counties, such as Palm Beach County or North Broward County. This great scholarship is the George Snow Scholarship Fund, and you can get more information at http://www.scholarship.org/.

The College of DuPage Foundation Single Parent Scholarship is offered in the state of Illinois, for single parent residents of the state. You must be a part time student, at the very least, and maintain a GPA of 2.0 in order to be eligible. You must also reside in District 502, and demonstrate financial need for the award. You can learn more about this scholarship for single moms and dads by going to  http://www.cod.edu/dept/fin_aid/scholarships/cod_singleparen.htm.

In the state of Kansas, you can apply for the Single Parents with Children Scholarship if you will be attending Emporia State University full time, and if you have a financial need. Additionally, state scholarships for single moms and dads are available in Iowa, Minnesota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Washington.

In your state, you should check with the financial aid office at the school that you will be attending to find out about available scholarships for moms that are state specific. You can also check with the Board of Education or Department of Education in your state to find out what state sponsored scholarships for single mothers are available as well.

Non Traditional Student Scholarships for Moms

Non-Traditional Student Scholarships for Mothers
ANTSHE Scholarships

Since moms are generally older students, they are considered to be non-traditional students, and if this describes you, you should be seeking not only scholarships for moms and scholarships for single moms, but also scholarships for non-traditional students. You can start applying for non-traditional student scholarships at the Association for Non Traditional Students in Higher Education, or the ANTSHE.

The ANTSHE offers two separate scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are the Marius Gabe DeGabriele Scholarship and the Kazimour Scholarship. The first scholarship is for graduate students, and the second is for undergraduate students. Either way, the students who apply for these scholarships must be considered non-traditional students. Both scholarships can be applied for using just one form, and this can be accomplished online.

Although the applications can be done online, you must also submit two recommendation letters, which will have to be mailed in, in sealed envelopes. The person who writes the letter must sign their name across the seal. The application and the personal statement can be submitted online, but you must also mail in your transcripts. Applications can also be mailed in, but the information must be typed, or done with a word processor – handwritten applications are not considered.

Additionally, to be considered for either of these mother scholarships, you must be a member of the ANTSHE. If you are applying for the scholarship for moms for graduate students, you should have a GPA of 3.5, and be accepted to a graduate program as a full time or part time student. If you are applying the undergraduate scholarship, you must be enrolled in either a degree program or certificates program as either a half time or full time student, and have already completed at least 30 credit hours of study. You must additionally have maintained at least a 3.25 GPA. If you are in a two year program, you need to have completed at least 15 credit hours of study. To apply go to ANTSHE scholarships for non traditional students. May 1st is the application deadline and for further questions you can email at scholarshipofficer@antshe.org.

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Unmatched PEO Scholarship for Mothers

PEO Scholarship for Moms
PEO Scholarships

If you’re a mom looking for financial aid to help pay the high cost of college tuition then you really want to look into the PEO scholarship for mothers. The Philanthropic Educational Organization, or PEO, has many different mother scholarships, including a student loan program which is second to none. If you are mom, planning to go back to school, or starting college for the first time, you definitely need to check out what the PEO has to offer because they are willing to help pay for your education.

The PEO is all about helping women to educationally advance as far as their dreams take them. The PEO is a powerful sisterhood which sponsors no less than six international programs all designed in assisting female educational ambitions and this is impacting women all over the world. They also are closely aligned with Cottey College located in Nevada, Missouri. Cottey is an all female college and which applies the PEO principals of education for all women who attend.

Founded in 1907, the PEO established the ELF, or Educational Loan Fund. These loans are only available to women who show financial need, and who are seeking a higher education. In order to be eligible for such a loan, you must be nominated by a local chapter of the PEO Sisterhood. You also must already be working towards a college degree, with at least two years completed. These loans are awarded in the amount from $5,000 to $10,000, and are repaid at 4% interest, starting six years after the award is made. This is not so much a direct mother scholarship as it is a great financial student oportunity when you don’t recieve enough to cover college tuition.

The PEO International Peace Scholarship (IPS) was established in 1949 and was designed to fund international graduate women students an education award of $500 in the US or Canada. Local chapters of the IPS nominate applicants for this PEO international scholarship for mothers.

The PEO also has a grant program called the PEO Program for Continuing Education (PCE) which was started in 1973. This PEO grant is awarded to women who have put their education on hold, and are returning to school. Eligible applicants must be citizens of the United States or Canada, and your purpose for returning to school should be to support your family or yourself. As is the case with all grants the PEO grant applicants are awarded based on need. The maximum award amount is $3,000 and one time only. This makes a perfect mother grant.

The PEO Scholar Awards started in 1991 and are merit based, and designed for women who are trying to earn a degree on the doctorate level. Again, these women must be citizens of the United States or Canada, and must be post-graduate students. You can start applying to this PEO scholarship September 1st of each year and May winning PEO scholarship applicants are officially announced. Award amounts vary from year to year.

The PEO Star Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $2500 to high school females who will be attending college. This is a one time PEO scholarship award and cannot be applied to more then once.

While these PEO scholarships are not specifically scholarships for mothers, they are scholarships for women, and as such, you should apply for the programs that are offered through the PEO that apply to your specific situation. They are wonderful scholarship for mother opportunities that can really help fund part of your continuing education. The ELF is a unique student loan program at below market rates with flexible repayment options and is welcomed when the PEO scholarship awards are not sufficient to cover your full college bill.

The PEO may be one of the best sisterhood programs that you ever become associated with as far as fathering your educational aspirations because of their strong support in these areas. The guidelines for qualifying are very fair for women returning to school for all the PEO scholarships so make this program one of the first you apply to when looking into mothers scholarships.

The Possible Woman Foundation Scholarship for Single Moms

Scholarship for single mothers from the Possible Woman Foundation
Possible Woman Scholarship

The Possible Woman Foundation offers a scholarship for single moms. Your greatest chance of winning this moms scholarship is to reside in the state of Georgia, but you are eligible regardless of where you live, as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. It is also important to note that you will be given preference if you do not live in Georgia, but plan to attend a school in Georgia. The organization has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships since 2001.

Possible Woman Foundation International has the mission of giving women a second chance in life and the ability in pursuing their educational dreams by providing financial help through their academic scholarships, personal counciling and information helping women to advance towards their career goals.

The number of mother scholarships given out each year is typically very small – usually fewer than ten – and will typically be given to what is considered ‘non-traditional students.’ These are women who are usually single mothers, whose education was put off or interrupted. The awards are also typically given to women who are stay-at-home moms that now need to enter the workforce, as well as to women who are already working, but want or need to change careers, or need more education for their current career.

Unlike many other mother scholarships for single mothers, the Possible Woman scholarship funds are only available for tuition and fees, and the funds are sent directly to your institution. You will not receive any cash from the award at all. The amount of the mothers scholarships also varies from year to year, and generally range anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship for single moms, you must be at least 25 years old, complete the application and essay, submit the required recommendation letters, and transcripts that are requested. Winners are selected based on financial need, other financial aid that they are currently receiving or will receive and leadership qualities, community activities, and any accomplishments, awards, or honors that have been received.

Finally, a dinner is held each year to present the moms scholarships. You will be notified of your winner status ahead of time, but you must attend the function in order to remain eligible. You can get more information by going to Possible Woman Foundation scholarship for single moms.


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Talbot Womens Scholarships for Moms

Talbot’s Womens Scholarships for Mothers
Talbot’s Scholarships

When looking for scholarships for moms you must look at all womens scholarships and apply to them as well. For instance, the Talbot’s Department Store is awarding scholarships to women – including scholarships for moms and scholarships for single moms. Each year, the corporation awards a significant number of womens scholarships which vary slightly from year to year. In 2009 Talbot’s awarded six $10,000 scholarships, and (60) $1000 scholarships. In year 2010 up to ten (10) scholarships of $15,000 and one (1) $30,000 scholarship will be awarded. These awards are made through Talbot’s Charitable Foundation, which is a part of the Talbot’s Corporation. Very generous indeed.

Talbots was established in 1947 and is a leading specialty retailer and direct marketer of women’s apparel, shoes and accessories. They have 587 stores in 47 states and employs 12,000 people throughout the world. They do over 1.5 billion in sales and are noted for quality merchandise.

In order to be eligible for these moms scholarships, you must be trying to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are or will be attending a four year school, a community college, or a vocational or trade school, you are eligible for the $1000 scholarships. However only those attending or planning to attend a four year school, to get a bachelor’s degree will be eligible for the $10,000 scholarships.

The winners of these mother scholarships are selected on several different criteria, but preference is given to those who show financial need, and who have had past achievements – particularly those who were awarded their high school diploma or GED ten years earlier or more. Those who completed high school, or were awarded their GED less than ten years ago is typically not considered.

Pay close attention to the fact that scholarships are also based on past achievements. Just being a single mom isn’t enough, and just finishing high school more than ten years ago also aren’t enough to win one of these awards. You need to show that you have made real achievements, overcome real obstacles, or worked to improve your community if you hope to be a winner of one of these scholarships for moms. Be sure that you pay special attention to the eligibility requirements, and to the application requirements.

You may apply for the scholarship in the fall, and you will have to keep an eye on the website to find out when you can apply, and when the deadline is. If you go to their scholarship website they will tell you to check back in the fall.

The Talbot womens scholarship program is managed by scholarshipamerica.org. You would have to apply through their website at scholarships for moms. You can get more information, or find out when and how to apply at Talbots scholarship for women and moms.

College Scholarships for Moms from WISP

College Scholarships for Mothers
WISP scholarships

WISP, or the Womens Independence Scholarship Program, has excellent college scholarships for moms available. The organization hopes that these funds will empower women, enabling them to open doors to more opportunities for more women. However, it is important to note that the moms scholarships offered by WISP are for survivors of domestic abuse, and spousal or partner abuse is the only domestic abuse that applies in this situation. They are abuse scholarships.

WISP, Inc. was founded by Doris Buffett through a private family foundation founded by Doris and funded by her. WISP is what she passionately believes in and the way the organization is run reflects the way she was raised growing up in Omaha , Nebraska.

This college scholarship for moms is available for those who are eligible, regardless of whether they are full time or half time students. Winners may attend private colleges, private universities, technical or vocational schools, state colleges and universities, or proprietary schools. There is no application period or deadline – you can apply for the WISP scholarships for moms at any time.

The funds that are available through this scholarship for mothers program are more or less designated for those women who have children, and have left an abusive relationship. These women will be starting or finishing a college education, working towards a certificate program, an Associate’s Degree, or a Bachelor’s Degree. Graduate students are also eligible, but awards made for Graduate students will be very limited.

You have the greatest chance of winning a mom scholarship from WISP if you have been out of the abusive relationship for less than a year, but those women who have been out of an abusive relationship for up to five years are also eligible to win this mother scholarship. You must be a citizen of the United States, and you must have already applied to the college that you will attend. Additionally, you must have financial need, as these funds are reserved for women who are considered to be in a crisis situation.

You must also have received services from an agency or organization that exists to serve women who have been victims of domestic abuse for at least six months. For more information or to apply for the WISP scholarship go to college scholarships for moms.


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