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Jeanette Rankin Scholarships for Mothers

If you are over the age of 35 and you are a woman with a low income, you may be eligible for the Jeanette Rankin JRF scholarship. These make great scholarships for mothers because of the eligibility requirements. Moms can use the JRF scholarship to help pay for their college education, enabling them to enter into the workforce, in a great paying job, in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Jeannette Pickering Rankin was born in 1880 and died in 1973. She was an exordinary women of her time in that she was the first woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives and the first women member of the Congress. She was referred to as the Lady of the House which is where that name originated from as today the US president’s wife is commonly referred. A lifelong pacifist, she voted against entering of the US into both World War I and World War II. She was the only member of Congress to vote against entering into World War II. To this date she is the only woman to be elected to Congress from Montana.

The JRF scholarship Fund was set up with the money from Jeanette Rankin’s property upon her death which she wanted used to help unemployed mature women workers who needed help in bettering themselves.

In order to win these potential mothers scholarships by JRF, you must be able to express how a higher education will benefit you, your family, and your community. While the mom scholarship opportunity here is good, it is important to note that not many JRF scholarships are awarded each year, as there have only been just a little over 600 scholarships awarded since 1978 and a total of 1.3 million awarded since its conception. November 1st is when they open applications to be accepted. The deadline is March 1st of each year for submitting your applications.

As stated, you must be aged 35 or older and a woman with a low income. You must additionally be a United States citizen, and be enrolled in college, or at the very least accepted to a college. You cannot already have a college degree, and the school that you are attending must be for the purpose of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or a technical/vocational degree.

The JRF has specific guidelines as to what constitutes low income, and you must be within their low-income range to be eligible for the scholarships that are offered. The income levels are adjusted by the number of people within your household, and start at $13,578 for one person, and go up to $52,034 for a household of six.

Winners of the JRF scholarship for moms are selected based on their goals, their plan for reaching those goals, past challenges and obstacles, and of course the family’s income. You can get more information about these scholarships for mothers or apply for the JRF scholarship.


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IWFA Fishing Scholarships for Moms

IWFA Fishing Scholarships for Mothers
IWFA Scholarships

You don’t have to be into fishing – or even fish at all – to be eligible for fishing scholarships for moms. You do, however, have to be interested in marine sciences, and you do have to be a graduate student. This particular fishing scholarship is funded, managed, and awarded by the IWFA – International Women’s Fishing Association.

1955 the IWFA was founded with the intent to advance women in fishing which has long been perceived as primarily a mans sport. Ironically the IWFA all started by the wife’s of the men who would attend and participate in these fishing tournaments. The IWFA is looked at as one of the most celebrated fishing clubs for women which regularly sponsors tournaments throughout the world. Becoming a member allows you to participate in these events and other benefits as well such as their monthly electronic newsletters keeping you informed of all upcoming activities and other events and advice from their member website. The IWFA fishing scholarship program is intended to further strengthen conservation in the world – particularly anything related to marine science. Needless to say the IWFA has become wildly popular among fishing women anglers.

In order to be eligible for this mom scholarship, you must be accepted by a graduate program of study in marine sciences. The award amount is $2000, and you must be considered a ‘proper recipient’ for this award. This means that your school must decide that you eligible for the award.

Awards are made based on your personal qualifications that include your aptitude and ability in the study of marine sciences. Your character will also be considered, as well as your academic record. You must also demonstrate financial need in order to be considered for this award. March 1st is the cut off date when all applications must be in.

It is important to note that while this fishing scholarship is awarded by a women’s organization, it is available for men and for women who are pursuing a graduate degree in marine sciences. It is not a scholarship for moms specifically either, but the number of awards that are made each year is not reported, and if you are studying toward marine sciences, this is definitely a mom scholarship that you need to apply for because the competition for the award will be minimal.

You can get more information by going to International Women’s Fishing Association fishing scholarships program. Even if you are not pursuing a graduate degree, or even a degree in marine sciences, you should look for specific organizations that relate to the program of study that you will be pursuing in order to find the moms scholarships that you need – especially scholarships for moms, or scholarships for single moms from those specific associations or organizations.

ROSE Moms Scholarships

ROSE moms scholarships
ROSE Scholarships

If you have been a victim of spousal abuse or partner abuse, and you are a mother, you may be eligible for the domestic abuse moms scholarships from ROSE, or Regaining One’s Self Esteem. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, this organization strives to empower women, enabling them to stay out of domestic abuse situations, and to provide for their children well – through education. The ROSE Fund all began in 1992 and in 1998 the scholarship program was created.

Aside from awarding funds for medical procedures, dental procedures, and even reconstructive surgeries that are needed as a result of abuse, the organization also provides mom scholarships for college. The moms scholarships that are offered are awarded for the purpose of helping women with career training ad professional development. These mothers scholarships are awarded in amounts of $2000 per semester, and the organization works with colleges, universities, and trade schools in the Northeastern United States.

There are no set parameters for eligibility, or for the award selection, and there is no specific application period or deadline. The winners of these mother scholarships are based solely on need, and solely at the discretion of the ROSE organization and their partners. There does not appear to be a limit on the number of awards made each year; however awards can only be made when funds are available.

It is important to note that while $2000 will be paid for each semester that you are in school, you must still reapply each semester for the award. If you fail to reapply, you will not receive the $2000 award for subsequent semesters. You can apply for the scholarship program at ROSE scholarships. Sometimes because of the lack of scholarship funding they may not offer the scholarship program. You can always email them via their contact page to inquire when it will be available.

Additionally, you should be aware that there are many other college scholarships for moms and college scholarships for single moms that are available, and you should apply for all of them as well, including all of the state and Federal grants that you can get. While $2000 may seem like a lot of money, when it comes to the cost of a college education, it doesn’t go very far.

Note: 4/8/2010 – It seems like the ROSE scholarship program was suspended. If you go to their website they have the following scholarship Post:

The ROSE Scholarship Program was created in 1998 to provide survivors with the ability to increase self-esteem and self-sufficiency through the pursuit of secondary education and the achievement of college degrees. PLEASE NOTE: AS OF JAN 1, 2010, ALTHOUGH WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SUSTAIN OUR SUPPORT OF ALL CURRENT ROSE SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS, WE ARE FULLY COMMITTED THROUGH 2011 AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AWARD ANY NEW SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE

Normally when you see a suspension of a scholarship program it’s a direct result of a lack of funds. As more funding becomes available then scholarship programs can be restarted. The other programs offered by ROSE may be of great benefit to the many that are victims of domestic violence and should be looked at as a substitute for a mothers scholarship. They are unique in nature and applying guidelines are straight forward from their website.

Contact Information
The R.O.S.E. Fund
200 Harvard Mill Square
Suite 310
Wakefield, MA 01880
Phone: 617-482-5400

Accounting Scholarships for Single Moms

Accounting Scholarships for Single Mothers
Accounting Scholarships

If you are a single mom, and you want to obtain a degree in accounting, you will need to check into the college scholarships for single moms offered by the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting, or the EFWA. These moms scholarships are not offered every year, but when they are, they are worth applying for. There are two types of single moms scholarships offered by the organization: The Women in Transition Scholarship and the Women in Need Scholarship.

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting, or the EFWA’s sole purpose is to “support the advancement of women in the accounting profession through the funding of education, research, career literature, publications and other projects. The Educational Foundation encourages and enables women to enter the accounting profession and empowers them to achieve equal opportunities and equal rewards”.

The Women in Transition Scholarship is only available to women who will be freshmen, or who currently are freshmen in college. When this mom scholarship is awarded, it pays up to $16,000, which is intended to cover four years of school costs. Only one award is made. Again, this college scholarship for single moms is not awarded each year, depending on available funds.

The Women in Need Scholarship is only available to women who are currently in college, or will be returning to college, at the junior level. This scholarship for single mothers pays up to $2000 per year, for a period of two years. More than one award may be made, depending on available funds. It appears that this single mothers scholarship is available each year.

No matter which college mom scholarship you are applying for, you must be planning to pursue a degree and career in accounting. You must also be the only source of financial support for your family or for yourself, and awards are typically made to women who show financial need as well, as opposed to those who do not show a real financial need. Women who are single parents due to divorce or death are considered first, but women who have never been married, and have dependent children are also considered. You can only apply to one or the other but not both of the above college mother scholarships. You must also be a US citizen to apply and must attend a school in the US. Online classes may qualify too.

The application deadline for the EFWA single moms scholarships is May first of each year, and selections are typically made by the end of June but you can check in January of each year to see which scholarships will be available for that year. For more information go to EFWA scholarships for single moms or to apply.

For any questions you may call EFWA at (937) 424-3391 or contact:
The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
136 South Keowee St.
Dayton, OH 45402

Easy Scholarships 4 Moms Contest

Fast and Easy Scholarships 4 Moms Contest
Scholarships 4 Moms Contest

Scholarships 4 Moms offers easy moms scholarships that you can apply to online and it’s fast easy to do. You have just as good of chance to win as anyone else because it’s a drawing contest so you have nothing to lose but 10 minutes of your time filling out their short online application then you just sit back and wait to see if you won. They usually have a few mothers scholarships which are selected via a random drawing spread out during the year. If mother luck is on your side you just may be selected as a college mom scholarship winner and you could be on your way to easily paying down your college tuition bill really fast and easy.

Scholarships 4 Moms is a website that specializes in giving moms the information and resources that they need to return to school. They offer advice on not only scholarships but college grants and student loans as well. They also assist moms in choosing a college that is a good fit for students. It isn’t any wonder that they’ve recently started a scholarship program for those individuals that they work to serve.

Unfortunately, only one mom scholarship is available per drawing – but it is awarded in the amount of $10,000, which is huge as far as scholarships go. The application process is relatively short and easy, and can be completed online at Scholarships 4 Moms.

While there is only one mother scholarship awarded at a time, there are multiple scholarships awarded each year. For example, three moms scholarships were awarded in 2005, at various times throughout that year. Ten scholarships were awarded in 2006, ten were awarded in 2007, seven were awarded in 2008, and seven were awarded in 2009. You will need to visit the site and register again for each drawing that takes place. This is a mothers scholarship worth trying to win so I would take the time to keep applying every time they have a new drawing since the online mom scholarship application process is relatively quick and easy.

The scholarships for moms are awarded through a drawing. It does not matter what your situation is, what your qualifications are, or anything else – you just have to be lucky enough to have your name drawn from the proverbial hat, so to speak. This makes the Scholarships 4 Moms scholarship for moms one of the easiest scholarship to win, in terms of eligibility requirements and the application process, although your chances of winning cannot be predetermined as you will have no idea as to how many people have registered for the $10,000 easy scholarship drawing.

If you are a mom, and you want to go to college, you will need to take advantage of as many grants and scholarships as you possibly can. A college education in itself is expensive, but when you throw in the cost of childcare, and the general cost of raising a family, there usually isn’t much left to pay for college. Luckily, there are scholarships for moms opportunities out there, and Scholarships 4 Moms offers just one of them.


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Rhode Island Scholarships for Single Mothers

Rhode Island scholarships for single moms
Rhode Island Scholarships

If you are looking for college scholarships for single mothers, and you are a low income single parent, you may be eligible for the Rhode Island scholarship for single moms or dads called the Bruce and Marjorie Sundlun Scholarship, which is managed by the Rhode Island Foundation. The award is available for men and women, as long as they are a single parent. Their online application process will make it easy for you too in that you will be able to apply to many awards at one time. You really want to take advantage of this.

The Rhode Island Foundation works to make Rhode Island better, through a variety of philanthropic activities and working together by forming partnerships with local area businesses, individuals, and government and community associates. The RIF currently manage about 150 Rhode Island specific scholarship funds. These funds are responsibly invested so that they continue to grow, and are never depleted by the awards that are made. Bruce Sundlun was once the Governor of the state of Rhode Island so this is a memorial scholarship in his honor.

Special preference for the Rhode Island scholarships for single moms or dads is given to those applicants who are receiving state financial aid, as well as single parents who have been incarcerated – either in jail or prison. The award amount is $1500, and it is a non-renewable scholarship meaning you cannot reapply once you win. The deadline for applying occurs in June of each year.

Few awards are made each year. There are usually at least three awards made, and some years, five are made. These awards are only available for undergraduate students – graduate students will not be considered. You must also live in the state of Rhode Island in order to be eligible for the Bruce and Marjorie Sundlun Rhode Island scholarship for single mothers or dads.

To apply – go to Bruce and Marjorie Sundlun Rhode Island Scholarships for single mom or dad. You will need to register for the site, and log in to apply. While you are visiting the site to apply for this scholarship, you should take the opportunity to explore one of the other 150 scholarship opportunities available for the citizens of Rhode Island as well – even if they are not ‘mothers scholarships’ specific. You can apply for individual scholarships, or use the sites Star Application System to apply for multiple scholarships at the same time. This is a feature you want to take advantage of if any website offers it. Whether you apply to one or 100 college scholarships for single moms it’s all the same if you fill out the online application. This will save you a lot of time in your college financial aid search because your goal should be to apply to as many mothers scholarships and grants as you possibly can. This will dramatically increase your odds of being awarded a mom scholarship.

Soroptimist Scholarship for Working Moms

Soroptimist Scholarship for Working Mothers
Soroptimist Scholarships

If you are looking for college scholarships for working moms, you may not need to look any further than your local Soroptimist Organization which has a Soroptimist scholarship. The name Soroptomist translates to Best for Women, and clubs are located throughout 120 countries, offering numerous benefits to women, including a Soroptimist scholarship for working moms. The clubs are made up of business and professional women, and the purpose is to improve the lives of other women, allowing them to become business and professional women as well.

Soroptimist International of the Americas not only supports women scholarship educational dreams but it also campaigns against women trafficting and violence to women, and inspires young girls to live their dreams through specialy designed projects. It’s a womens awareness organization which collects members by helping them out and educating people about their causes. All this generates support for SIA.

The Soroptimist scholarship program is referred to as the Womens Opportunity Awards Program. While the club operates in 120 countries, only 19 of those countries participate in this program. This program started in 1972 and since then $25 million has been given to women via awards to help improve their lives. The program is available to women who are currently working to support their families, and provides them with the funds and support that they need to improve their educations and skills, which greatly increases their employment prospects. The women who are eligible must be the primary source of income in the home.

Additionally, only women who are enrolled or accepted into a college program, including a vocational or trade program are eligible. The applicants must not have obtained a bachelor’s degree at the point of application. You must also show financial need, and you must be a resident of one of the 19 countries where the Soroptimist clubs participate in the program.

The Soroptimist scholarship for working moms are awarded in varying amounts and numbers through the program, with more than $1 million awarded annually. Each year, three $10,000 working moms scholarships are also made. In many cases, the winners of the awards have overcome major obstacles in their lives, and in their efforts to support a family, and show a true determination to improve their lives. This is the spirit which reflects all past winners of the Soroptimist scholarship.

The funds that are awarded can be used to pay for college classes, books, transportation, child care, or even to help pay the bills in the home while the winner is attending school. When it comes to moms scholarships the Soroptimist scholarship for working mothers is a must to apply to if you fit the criteria. This organization wants to help women reach their educational dreams and this makes this award a good fit for moms who feel the same way. For more information go to the Soroptimist Womens Opportunity Awards Soroptimist scholarship for working mothers.


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