College Grants for Moms

College grants for single moms
Grants for Moms

Moms returning to college should first seek grants for moms along with scholarships for non-traditional students that you might be eligible for as well. If your a mom, or a single mom for example then you should be looking into scholarships for moms along with grants for single moms more specifically.

Paying for a college education always starts with grants. These do not have to be repaid, and unlike scholarships, there typically is not competition for them. You are awarded grants based specifically on your financial need, including how much you are reasonably able to contribute to your own education, and how much aid you are receiving from other sources. Because how much other aid you will receive impacts the amount that you can receive from grants for moms, while scholarships typically are not based on how much other aid you are receiving, you need to apply for grants first if you are a mom.

When applying for college grants for single moms or just seeking grants for moms, make sure that you check into all potential opportunities, including the Student Work Program, which is just as available and open to non-traditional students and mom’s returning to school as it is to those students who are entering college fresh from high school.

Once you’ve exhausted all avenues of college grants for moms you will need to start applying for scholarships for mothers. Check with the school that you will be attending, to find out if there are scholarship programs designed especially for moms, single moms, or non-traditional students. Ask your financial aid officer which mom scholarships that are offered directly through the school that you may be eligible for. Many colleges may also have school grants for moms available for adult students who are returning to school.

Additionally, you will need to find out about scholarships for moms that are offered through your state government. Typically, the school that you will be attending will know about these mom grants and scholarships, but they may not mention them if you don’t ask about them. You can also check with your states Board of Education or Department of Education.

After you have applied for grants and scholarships, you should look into student loans. The federal government has some outstanding no cosigner student loans which you can qualify all by yourself because credit is not considered when applying for a government student loan program. Student loans do have to be repaid, so it is essential that you fund as much of your college education as possible with grants and scholarships for mothers, and even consider other opportunities to help pay for your education, such as the Work Study Program which will work around your college class schedule.

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    1. There are various ways to help women who are single and have a child and there are scholarships for single mothers too. Grants are the best first option then scholarships.
      By filling out the FAFSA you can see what you might be eligible for. Federal Work Study is very good too if you can find the time. You won’t have a big student loan bill when you graduate which is nice. This has helped me and hope it helps others too!

    2. Where are all the college grants for moms? this article talks about what to do but they don’t point you to where they are to go and apply and there are a ton for single moms I know but I’m not a single mom yes we need help to even though we are married single moms aren’t the only ones struggling in this economy my husband can’t help me out and I don’t have mommy and daddy to help me out either I have no one other than myself the only way I can do school is online and most of the online schooling you can;t use federal grant aids so where do I go?

    3. Lindsay,
      scholarships for online schools are indeed hard to find. I would contact the online school you are presently using and ask them to refer you to places where you can get financial aid to help pay for your online courses. I’m sure they may have some options for you because they are in the business of educating students online and this would be a great tool to help them get more students into there programs.

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